7.4.1 What is processing

7.4.1 What is processing

1. What is fish processing?
Ans: A method to reduce spoilage. during processing the change of taste,  texture, appearance, value, colour of fish are altered.
The processing not only preserves the fish but also increases the value of the fish. Processing allows or encourages new types of fish recipes which increases the consumption.

2. Why do we process fish?
Ans: We process fish for the following reasons.

  • Fish can be stored for later use.
  • Fish can be transported far
  • it adds value to the product.
  • it expands the horizons of market.
  • it can be used for immediate consumption.

3. Name the methods of fish processing commonly employed in Maldives.
Ans: The common methods to process the fish are

  • Salting
  • Drying
  • Smoking
  • Canning

4. Explain why the processing is effective.
Ans: The processing is very effective way to store the fish for a long time. During the processing people remove the waste parts or less nutritive parts or parts with more bacteria. To achieve this fish must be cut into different parts, this change the shape of the fish, so there is an change in appearance.


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