5.2.1 Grounds and seasons

5.2.1 Grounds and seasons (word .doc) (download)

5.2.1 Grounds and seasons

1. State the geographical area of Maldives.

The islands of the Republic of Maldives are scattered over a geographical area of 90,000km2 in        the Indian Ocean.

2. How many major regions of fishing grounds in Maldives? What are they?

The fishing ground in the Maldives can be classified into three main regions.

i.            In-shore

ii.            Near-shore

iii.            Off-shore

3. Write short notes on In-shore fishing ground of the Maldives.

i.            In-shore waters are associated with the reef

ii.            The reef zone includes

  • Shallow lagoon.
  • Reef flat.
  • Reef front.
  • Reef slope.

iii.            Almost all the fish found in in-shore waters.

Fish found here include:

  • Bait fish, aquarium fish, reef fish and sharks.

Other organisms found here include:

  • Lobsters, crabs, sea cucumbers, shrimp, octopus

4. Define the following terms.

1. In-shore:- In-shore waters are associated with the reef.

2. Near-shore: – Near-shore waters are the waters near the reef within and around the atolls.

3. Off-shore:- Off-shore waters or oceanic water include fishing grounds further  afield.

4. Fishing grounds: – The marine habitats from where marine resources are taken are called fishing grounds.

5. What are the fish found in the near-shore fishing grounds?

  • Fish found in near- shore waters are a mixture of demersal and pelagic.
  • Near shore waters are fished for
  1. Frigate tuna,
  2. Kawakawa,
  3. Marlin,
  4. Dolphin fish,
  5. Tuna like species,
  6. Deep water sharks

6. Explain why fish available (catch) more in northeast monsoon.

A. During the north east monsoon the (dry monsoon) the wind movement is less, so the waves are less, currents in oceans are less, rain is less so the boats can go for long distance with ease, this makes the fishermen to catch fish more.

7. Explain why fish availability is high (in ocean) in southwest monsoon.

A. during the south west monsoon the seas are rough, wind movement is high, waves are high, water current are high, temperature is less, these conditions which prevail in ocean encourage fish to reproduce more. Unlike northeast monsoon the fish catch is less in southwest monsoon, this is because the boats in Maldives are small, so people cannot go for long distance to catch.


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