5. Fishing industry

5. fishing industry (word .doc)(download)

The fishing Industry

1.       What are the two broad categories of fishing industry?

Fishing industry can be divided into two broad categories

i.            Subsistence or artisianal,

ii.            Commercial.

2.       Explain the terms.  ( subsistence fisheries or artisianal fisheries and commercial fisheries)

Subsistence Fisheries:-

  • Fishing for own consumption rather than to sell is called subsistence fishing.
  • This type of fishing is not done on a profit making basis.
  • Simple inexpensive fishing gear and methods are used.
  • It is purely used for home consumption.

Artisianal Fisheries:-

  • It is similar to subsistence fisheries.
  • Traditional fishing methods are used.
  • Some of the catch may be sold or exchanged.

Commercial fisheries:-

  • Fishing to make money involves selling or trading fish on the domestic or international markets either as small scale or large scale operations.

3.       Name the sectors of fishing industry?

  • Fishing industry is made up of five sectors.

a)      The aquatic environment and the fisheries resources.

b)      Fishing operations.

c)       Processing and preservation of seafood.

d)      Economics and marketing.

e)      Management of the fishery.


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