Salting quiz

25 Jan

Dear students/followers

                I made a quiz file using flash on fish salting. The quiz file is actually having 30 questions, each time you open/run the file you get a set of 5 questions. As i set programme to randomize the questions, you may face some repeated questions, this will help to remember the questions and you can correct or recheck your answer.  The quiz file may give you a mixture of fill up the blanks or multiple choice questions, after successful completion of 5 questions a new page opens to show your result. After the result page press the Esc key on your key board, so that you get colse button on the right side of the quiz file. Now close the file and reopen to get a fresh new set of questions (sometimes repeated questions). 

Please download the file from the following link :  Salting quiz

The zip file contains two files namely,

salting quiz.exe 

                         salting quiz.swf

both files contain the same information. Try to run salting quiz.swf file, if your computer doesn’t support/run this file, then choose the salting quiz.exe file.

The file contains no virus when uploaded.

Hope you get benefit from the hard work i rendered. 

with warm regards to all



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