Importance of health (students)

21 Mar

Health of a student is vital not only for school excellence but also for the countries progress. The more the healthy students, the stronger the economy. The healthy student can concentrate on what is going in the class and do readily what he is asked for by teacher, needless to say without proper health the brain get tired faster and cannot concentrate the class properly.

The greatest proverb of all time is “health is wealth”. Hence the student should consider his health for the academic excellence. To achieve this multidirectional task is required by different organizations such as School, Health center in the surroundings, Ministry of health, private or voluntary organizations etc.

A healthy body is a prerequisite for learning. A healthy school lifestyle should care for all students body’s needs, including nutrition and exercise.

In addition to caring for student’s physical body, school must focus on mental health of the student. If students are healthy they feel good about everything in their life. Including their academic pursuits: and that feeling will make them more likely to succeed in class work. Different organizations should recognize that a healthy lifestyle of a student is important in school is the first step in progress of the nation.

The school, government and other organizations implement various health programs for student’s health, in order to achieve this in a pinnacle rate parent’s involvement and their awareness in health progress is very essential.

Tips to improve health:

  1. Regular and proper health checkup from the childhood onwards.
  2. Proper balanced diet.
  3. Knowledge of nutritional value of locally available food.
  4. Health oriented syllabus.
  5. Taking food in the proper time and in proper manner.
  6. Regular intake of Multivitamins as supplements and deworming tablets.
  7. Enforce the healthy habits.
  8. Regular physical and metal exercise (like yoga, chess etc.)
  9. Health orientation classes for students and parents.
  10. Regular meditation for strong mental health.

One Response to “Importance of health (students)”

  1. bheemeswar March 21, 2013 at 8:48 AM #

    wow very good article. keep it up.

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