notes on Ecotourism

28 Feb

Dear students and followers

Ecotourism notes is just been added. The emphasized contents are  

        a. Aims of Ecotourism.

        b. Advantages of Ecotourism.

        c. Environmental impacts of ecotourism.

Notes can be seen by clicking this link

Hope this notes is helpful. All best for your bright future ahead.

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7.5.1 and 7.5.2 Application and implications of genetic engineering

14 Feb

Dear students

notes on genetic engineering is just added.

this notes is intended to use by Marien science students.

please find it in the link.

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Work sheet on on Fish stocks 5.1.1

10 Mar

Dear students

here is a work sheet on on Fish stocks 5.1.1

Please download this from the link

Complete the work sheet, save it and send it to me via email ( Please keep the saved copy with you.

while sending please provide your details such as name, school, email id.

after correction i will send the result to you.

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Eid-Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters.

28 Jul

I (Prasad Kapuganti) wish to all the Muslim brothers and sisters an EID that brings with it the love and protection of Allah always!,




                  May the blessings of Almighty Allah keep your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe.

                  On this auspicious occasion I wish my students good result in their forthcoming IGCSE exams.

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Notes updated (chapters 1.1.1 and 1.1.2)

26 Jan

Dear students and followers

Please find the notes for the following chapters


2.    1.1.2 Sea bed

I hope this notes help you in your preparations.

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Salting quiz

25 Jan

Dear students/followers

                I made a quiz file using flash on fish salting. The quiz file is actually having 30 questions, each time you open/run the file you get a set of 5 questions. As i set programme to randomize the questions, you may face some repeated questions, this will help to remember the questions and you can correct or recheck your answer.  The quiz file may give you a mixture of fill up the blanks or multiple choice questions, after successful completion of 5 questions a new page opens to show your result. After the result page press the Esc key on your key board, so that you get colse button on the right side of the quiz file. Now close the file and reopen to get a fresh new set of questions (sometimes repeated questions). 

Please download the file from the following link :  Salting quiz

The zip file contains two files namely,

salting quiz.exe 

                         salting quiz.swf

both files contain the same information. Try to run salting quiz.swf file, if your computer doesn’t support/run this file, then choose the salting quiz.exe file.

The file contains no virus when uploaded.

Hope you get benefit from the hard work i rendered. 

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My site address changed to .com

7 Dec

Dear all

I feel happy to announce that my site id has been changed to

i request the readers, followers, my well wishers to note this change and follow this new address from now onwards.

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Essay Topics

2 Oct

Dear Students

I have posted the Essay Topics. These topics can be seen here.

These topics are intended for revision purpose for all Grade 10 Students who appear for the O’Level Fisheries Science Examination.

First of all Copy these topics either to your paper or on word document. Put a tick once you read the topic. so that you know the level of your progress in your revision.

The planned hard work is the key for the Success.

Hope this work is profitable to you.

best of Luck.


Online Practice Work Sheet-1 for grade 10 students.

29 Sep

Dear students please go through online work sheet 1 and send me the answers (through comment) through my blog or site ( I hope this would be beneficial for you.
Best of luck.

Importance of health (students)

21 Mar

Health of a student is vital not only for school excellence but also for the countries progress. The more the healthy students, the stronger the economy. The healthy student can concentrate on what is going in the class and do readily what he is asked for by teacher, needless to say without proper health the brain get tired faster and cannot concentrate the class properly. Continue reading

Chemistry notes updated

10 Mar

Hi students and viewers I updated Chemistry notes for the Chapter The nature of Matter. Please read and get benefit out of it.  You can find it under the tab Che Gr 8

The Main topic is THE NATURE OF MATTER

The subtopics are:


2.7 Elements and Compounds


2.8 Chemical reactions and Physical Changes


2.9 Atomic Theory


2.10 The kinetic Theory of Matter





Updated notes Fisheries Science grade 8 and 9

9 Mar

               Dear students and viewers to day I updated Notes for Grade 8 and 9 topics. Please read these things and get benefits. Wish you best of luck for the future study.  Topics are given below

                     Grade 8: Topics

                                2.1.1 Taxonomy

                                2.1.2 Other marine Classifications

                                2.2.1 Organisms

                                2.2.2 KINGDOMS

                    Grade 9: Topics

                                5.2.2 Fish stocks

                                6.1.1 Harbours

                                6.2.1 Fishing boats 6.2.2 Dhoani

With warm regards

Need of Conservation

15 Feb

The conservation is a paramount important topic which should be debated among students, because they are the future builders of our nation. There are many reasons to conserve Continue reading

Teacher = Tree?

10 Feb

Teacher = Tree?

A teacher is like a tree, in fact, this statement is true. Consider a tree with no fruits, it is just a tree, we may believe it is a tree of Continue reading